As the biggest lover of lakes in the world I have seen more than 1330 lakes in Slovenia. Many of them are mostly suitable for fishing, some are created to be admired only, but in these hot summer days we are in a search of those, that invite us for a jump in a water.

I am sure you know Bled (you have probably seen pictures of the fairytale island of the Bled lake) and Bohinj Lake, but this time my wish is to give you new ideas for you next lake trip, where to find a lake refreshment.

1. GOREJCA POND – Gorenjska

The small man-made lake of Gorejca is located above Spodnji Log pod Mangartom. The Gorejca is an interesting stream descending the mountainside of Ruševa glava, spilling over into multiple waterfalls, which flow into small, distinct pools.

The locals dammed one of these pools, thus creating an adorable bathing pool, whose water is known to reach temperatures as high as 20°C. You can also visit four beautiful waterfalls along the way.

The lake offers a well-deserved cool down spot for cyclists to catch their breath on the ascent to Mt. Mangrt.


Šobec Pond is a natural lake in the Šobec campground near Bled, which is one of Slovenia‘s largest campgrounds with five stars. The pond originated naturally when the Sava Dolinka River created a meander in the middle of the pine forest.

The pond boasts a children‘s water park and many recreational opportunities around the pond, including tennis courts, beach volleyball courts, miniature golf, basketball courts and a zipline. Guests can play soccer, badminton, table tennis or try out a small climbing wall.


Kočevje Lake, or Rudniško Lake, is one of the largest natural sights of the Kočevje region and among the cleanest in Slovenia. And my favourite, because I come from Kočevje. It was formed at the bottom of a mine valley, in which brown coal was mined until 1979.

Kočevje Lake is amazing for swimming, fishing, suping, or sailing. The circle path around is great for a jogging, scrolling, or cycling.

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