Adria Head: “We Don´t Need Strategic Partner”

Anžur said that operations are in line with plans, with first quarter results for 2013 showing a EUR 2.6m improvement on last year, which is why he is increasingly convinced that the flag carrier can also make it alone.

"I even believe that in the long term, although aviation is not really very profitable, Adria can be a company with sold profits."

He did acknowledge that the carrier's present business model is problematic, as trends show that classic regional airlines are disappearing from the market. Their passenger figures were down 5% in 2011, while other airlines grew.

Anžur said Adria will have to become more similar to tourist-oriented companies, although "we will never be Ryan air" but rather a kind of hybrid.

New destinations are being considered too, for instance Berlin and additional links to Russia. In the Balkans, he sees more opportunities in Serbia and Albania than in Kosovo.

Anžur singled out as a problem an excessive dependence on Lufthansa, as almost 90% of Adria's flights serve as connection flights for the German carrier.

As regards the ongoing sale of a 74.87% stake held in Adria by the state and banks, he said that to his knowledge the talks are serious and very intensive. He said it was however hard to say when a deal could be clinched.