Andrijanič presents digitalisation plans to Montenegrin counterpart

Ljubljana – Minister for Digital Transformation Mark Boris Andrijanič received on Thursday his Montenegrin counterpart Tamara Srzentić. He presented to her plans and initial solutions produced by Slovenia’s Strategic Council for Digitalisation to promote digitalisation in the public administration to make life easier for citizens.

The Montenegrin minister in charge of public administration, digitalisation and media got acquainted with the proposed measures such as introduction of an e-construction permit, e-ID system and virtual window, abolishment of the car registration certificate, and efforts to make paying taxes simpler, Andrijanič’s office said.

Andrijanič highlighted efforts to promote international study programmes IKT as the key measure, noting the brain drain regarding Slovenian IT experts. The government would like to get them back to Slovenia, so that they could help the country become a European leader in digitalisation, he said.

“Slovenia should pursue ambitious goals and also achieve them, as that is the only way to attract expatriate Slovenian IT experts,” the minister said as quoted by his office.

Srzentić said that Montenegro’s government also aimed to step up digital literacy in the country, including by attempting to get expatriate experts back home.

The ministers called for continuation of cooperation in seeking best practices and measures for the next digital decade, the press release adds.