Bicycle Bus to take passengers from Velenje to Logarska Valley

Velenje – A new summer-long bus route from Velenje to the picturesque Logarska Valley has been established by Velenje, Šoštanj and Šmartno ob Paki municipalities and the spa Terme Topolšica. The bus service will operate in July and August, providing spaces for transporting up to ten bicycles as well.

The bus service will run twice a day during the weekends. The fare depends on the distance travelled, whereas bicycle transport is free-of-charge. The bus is also available to non-cyclists, said the Velenje Municipality.

Monthly expenses for the Bicycle Bus amount to just over EUR 2,700 and will be divided equally between project partners. Tickets reservations are not available just yet, but if the pilot project proves successful, it will continue and expand further.

The Velenje Municipality also provided EUR 2,500 in annual funding for another bus service, the Štrekna Bus, providing transport between Velenje and the lake in Lavamünd, Austria, a popular swimming site. This project is also co-funded by municipalities along the route and Austrian partners. The line opens on 1 July and will operate during the weekends for the next three months.

The aim of organising such public transport is to enable a car-free access to Dravograd, Upper Savinja Valley and Logarska Valley, thus reducing traffic in the area. At the same time the Velenje Municipality wants to offer a no-stress trip opportunity, help lower the carbon footprint and promote an active way of discovering nature.