Bishops say Easter brings new beginning, hope and life

Ljubljana/Maribor – Ljubljana Archbishop and Metropolitan Stanislav Zore held an Easter Sunday mass in the Ljubljana Cathedral to note that the resurrection of Jesus Christ is something that brought new hope and life. Masses of the Resurrection of the Lord were held in numerous other churches around the country.

Zore said that this year’s Easter was celebrated with even greater joy than usual, as the celebrations are not restricted by anti-epidemic measures.

Explaining the significance of Easter and the resurrection of Jesus Christ, he said that “the reality of the resurrection transcends time and space”.

The message of the resurrection more than 2,000 years ago had began its journey into the world with the love shown to Jesus Christ by his disciples, and “on the morning of Easter I wish that god also gives you such love,” he added.

In the Easter Sunday mass in the Maribor Cathedral, Maribor Archbishop Alojzij Cvikl said that Easter was a message that a new beginning is always possible, “even when it seems that everything is already decided, finished, that there is no hope.”

According to him, the message of Easter invites people to set out again on a journey regardless of the circumstances. “The holiday of Easter is about us knowing that we are no longer alone on the paths of life.”