Business chambers call for strong govt, and fast

In a joint press release on Thursday, the chambers said they wanted a government with a "clear political mandate to address key structural issues with seriousness".

Unpredictable political developments bring uncertainty to the business environment, which is already under stress due to a number of unknowns in international trade, trade wars, Brexit and coronavirus, said the press release.

"Instead of navel gazing, politics should act in a state-building manner for the good of Slovenia's citizens and also its economy, the driver of a growing standard of living in the country."

Listing the key issues that need to be addressed, the GZS and OZS point to the EU's next multi-year budget, health care, the pension system, the long-term care system and the public administration.

"As a society, we need to find a clear answer as to the limit to public funding for the growing expenditure stemming from demographical change and unwise political decisions in the past, as this creates pressure for higher taxes, which blunts the competitive edge of our economy."