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Sustainable development key component of change management, debate hears

Ljubljana - In adjusting to the profound changes brought about by the coronavirus epidemic, it is crucial to bear in mind sustainable development policies,...

Survey shows companies sure work from home here to stay

Ljubljana - A survey has shown that a vast majority of Slovenian companies are considering increasing the share of work conducted from home also in the long-term, meaning in post-corona times. The poll also showed companies are more optimistic than during the spring coronavirus wave.

Parliament endorses amended association agreement with ESA

Ljubljana - The National Assembly has passed a bill ratifying an amended association agreement between Slovenia and the European Space Agency (ESA), another step...

Kiblix festival in Maribor exploring virtual worlds

Maribor - The international festival of art, technology and science Kiblix this year explores virtual worlds and because of the epidemic it is being...

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Slovenia’s Stance on Cryptocurrency and Digital Euro

Today, Slovenia is well-recognized, particularly in Europe as a haven for innovations, technological advancements, and progressive thinking. This environment has enabled Slovenia, one of...

Cryptocurrency Tax in Slovenia

When amateur investors start trading with cryptocurrencies and making profits turns into a business, tax standards come into effect in this area as well.Status...

The Blockchain Industry in Slovenia

Slovenia, though small, is one of the fastest-growing countries in Europe, particularly in the business and economic contexts. After its successful economic succession from...