Sun and Rain that shape Ana Roš – and shape our...

It was the worst time to release a book for fine dining restaurant. There were no more fine dining, no more restaurants open, Hiša...

Slovenian property market still recovering from coronavirus

Ljubljana - As soon as the strict coronavirus measures were relaxed at the end of April the property market picked up, yet there are...

Chef Ana Roš awarded two Michelin stars, five restaurants get one...

Ljubljana - Chef Ana Roš of Hiša Franko was awarded two stars as Michelin presented its first ever rating for Slovenia on Tuesday. Five other restaurants got a star each: Vila Podvin (Uroš Štefelin, Mošnje), Hiša Denk (Gregor Vračko, Zgornja Kungota), Atelje (Jorg Zupan, Ljubljana), Pri Lojzetu (Tomaž Kavčič, Vipava) and Dam (Uroš Fakuč, Nova Gorica).

Slovenian wine scene is developed and dynamic

What Slovenian wines miss is effective marketing and promotion, but that's the same with all ex socialist wine countries. “There are to many unfruitful birocrates who fight against efficient marketing projects and all avant-garde ideas, because they believe that will endanger their useful roles,” stresses Saša Špiranec, wine expert from Croatia, who is judging for the first time in Decanter World Wine Awards (DWWA). He initiated the Vinart Grand Tasting, a leading business wine fair in Zagreb, Croatia, that is opening its doors this week. From 6th-7th March 120 winemakers and over 2.000 around the world guests are coming together to share their common passion – wine.

Tourism success stories are mostly connected with local, private ownership

Marko Pahor is a researcher, full professor and Vice Dean for Finance at SEB, UL. He teaches courses in data analysis, applied statistics and...

Connecting the borders on foot

The Slovenian coastline is 44km long, one of the shortest European coasts. Only shorter are the coastlines of Bosnia and Herzegovina and Monaco, at 21km and 8km respectively. Slovenia's coastline has three bays: the bays of Koper, of Strunjan and of Piran, and some picturesque small towns that can all be seen in a day's walk, or even better, a run!

Oh, those irrestable lovely bubbles! Icon of joy!

Since the early years of the 18th century, when champagne was drunk by the aristocracy in the French court, it has been “a must” for all kinds of celebrations and has become a popular luxury item all over the world. There are moments when pouring a glass of bubbly is almost a tradition – can you, for example, imagine toasting in a new year without it?

In the Footsteps of the first Postojna Cave explorers

We’ve put on the red caving suit, stepped into caving boots, placed helmets on heads and checked the headlight for the third time. In an underground a cave light is essential. We were ready. Ready to celebrate a friend’s 40th birthday with a special experience.
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