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“Companies use biomimicry to solve intractable problems that nature has already...

Dr. Jakki Mohr is the Regents Professor of Marketing and the Gallagher Distinguished Faculty Fellow at the University of Montana. Before beginning her academic career, she worked in Silicon Valley for both Hewlett-Packard's Personal Computer Group and TeleVideo Systems. Jakki studies challenges companies face in developing and commercialising break-through innovations, including a broad range of technologies ranging from scientific innovations to innovations in restoration and ecology. In the interview, the winner of numerous teaching awards also explains the term biomimicry. In other words, the conscious imitation of the models, systems and elements of nature for the purpose of solving complex human problems.

International schools in Slovenia increasingly popular

Ljubljana - Among the many primary and secondary schools children can go to in Slovenia, there are also several international schools, which are mostly intended for foreigners. Interest in them has been growing, also among Slovenian children, so this year they will have 600 students.

Slovenia Has One of Lowest Income Inequality Rates in OECD

Slovenia has remained among the member states of the Organisation for Economic Co-operation and Development (OECD) with the lowest income inequality, according to an OECD survey, which has also established that the gap between the rich and poor in a majority of developed countries was at a record-high.

Slovenians Have Active Sex Life

Some 45% of Slovenians engage in sexual relations at least twice a week, fourth place among 13 countries included in a sexual behaviour survey by SKIM Healthcare. The majority think of sex as a spontaneous activity.

Made in Slovenia: Automotive Industry

For a small country Slovenia has an impressive tradition in the automotive industry, and it’s a tradition the sector now wants to enhance and reinforce. Doing so will involve adapting to a rapidly changing market with continually evolving demands.

Politics Again Interfering in Takeover of Mercator

The new Economy Minister Metod Dragonja doubts that the three-month extension of the deadline for selling the retailer Mercator will secure success. Meanwhile, Agriculture and Environment Minister Dejan Židan also expressed concern over the sale of Mercator to Croatia's Agrokor.

Is Cockta really our Coca-Cola?

It is not the same story with Cockta and Coca-Cola as with Union and Lasko beer. Dedicated beer drinkers are either Union or Lasko fans. Cockta and Coca-Cola are interchangeable and have almost equal market share.

Garden in the sky – how Canadian and Italian ended up...

Sometimes the best stories happen unexpectedly - in this case the collaboration between Hiša Franko and self-made hippy farmers Jeanne and Matteo.In the world...

Motorcycle maker Tomos sent into receivership

Koper - The Koper District Court sent famed motorcycle maker Tomos into receivership on Thursday after the Koper-based company failed to find a strategic partner to help it cope with liquidity issues.

Businessman taking over production of jumping skis from Elan

A businessman manufacturing ski bindings will take over production of jumping skis from Elan. A verbal agreement to that effect has been reached, with a letter of intent to be signed shortly.

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