Catholic Church regrets legalisation of gay marriage, adoptions

Ljubljana – The Bishops’ Conference has said it accepts the Constitutional Court’s legalisation of gay marriage and adoptions with regret. The objective is to reject human nature and build a new social order in which every person will be able to shape themselves as they wish and without regard for their natural characteristics.

The Bishops’ Conference said in a press release on Friday that adoption was not a human right, therefore it was all the more important to prioritise children’s rights and optimal circumstances for their growth and development.

The relevant Constitutional Court decisions are deeply contrary to the natural understanding of marriage, family, fatherhood and motherhood, as well as to Slovenian history, culture and legal tradition, the press release said.

The church teaches that marriage is a union between a man and a woman, and every child has the right to be adopted by the family of a mother and a father, the conference said in a press release on Friday.

“We do not oppose human rights for all citizens of Slovenia, but not at the expense of understanding the concept of marriage and basic rights of children,” the top Catholic Church body said.

They expect that the decision will not open the door for limitations of freedoms of speech and religion of citizens and religious communities, especially when they will be expressing natural understanding of marriage and the right of children to be adopted by the families of mothers and fathers.

The Church also expects the Constitutional Court to rethink the decision and provide appropriate protection of values of marriage, family, fatherhood and motherhood, as well as the rights of children.

The Church moreover encourages believers to promote the protection of family life in Slovenia in active and democratic ways.