Children from Ukrainian orphanage arrive in Slovenia

Postojna – Twenty children from a Ukrainian orphanage have arrived safely in the village of Slavina near Postojna on Tuesday. Most of the children are between one and three and a half years old. Sandi Curk, commander of civil protection of the Notranjska region, told the STA they had been warmly welcomed.

“After 24 hours on the road, the children from Ukraine reached Slavina safely through Hungary. The arrival was quite emotional. People from a war zone have come to a peaceful place where were warmly greeted on arrival,” Curk said.

The children were immediately offered pancakes and fruit. They were also greeted by kindergarten teachers from Postojna, who helped carry the children from the bus and helped them with their first meal.

“There were no problems during the trip. This was a well coordinated project of international opening of routes and accordingly the children arrived very quickly,” Curk noted.

He added that the staff accompanying the children were impressed by the welcome and the accommodation prepared for them.

The orphans are from the Luhansk orphanage No. 2 in eastern Ukraine. They are accompanied by 18 members of staff from Ukraine, including three doctors and four nurses, and their children, and are to stay in Slovenia until the end of the war in Ukraine.

The children will be medically examined today, after which their guardians will apply for them to be granted temporary protection status. They will be able to attend a local kindergarten and school.

The children will be accommodated at the former Folk School in Slavina, while the accompanying staff will stay at the Secondary School of Forestry and Woodworking in Postojna.