Committee to discuss new corona crisis stimulus bill

Ljubljana – The parliamentary Labour Committee is expected to approve the new coronavirus crisis stimulus bill on Monday. The government-proposed bill brings EUR 320 million in aid, with employers eagerly awaiting the extension of the furlough subsidy scheme and partial cover of new expenses arising with the increase in minimum pay.

The government wants to extend the furlough scheme, which has been in place since March 2020, by another three months until the end of April. After that, the government is to be able to extend it twice more by a month.

A month after the increase in minimum wage, the government also wants to introduce subsidies in order to help employers pay social security contributions.

Moreover, the bill entails EUR 200 in crisis bonus to employees whose December salaries exceeded the cap of two average salaries owing to many companies paying out performance bonuses.

The bill also extends the public transport aid scheme by another three months, aiming to help bus and rail companies survive.

Moreover, the state is also to provide subsidies for those working shorter hours at farms, which had previously not been included in the scheme.

The National Assembly is expected to pass the bill at an emergency session on Tuesday. Shortly after, the National Assembly is also to pass a decision that the new law cannot be challenged in a referendum.