Delo advises health minister to wield scalpel more prudently

Hand arranging wood block stacking with icon healthcare medical, Insurance for your health concept

Ljubljana – Looking at the string of replacements at the Health Ministry, including at non-political posts in directorates, Delo notes in Saturday’s commentary that Minister Danijel Bešič Loredan has shown determination and courage, but also made enemies in the process.

“He now faces very challenging and demanding tasks. If he tackles them with a similar surgical swipe, he will by be effective by all means, but he will have a growing list of enemies that will prey on any weaknesses and try to trip him over every step of the way,” the paper says in A Scalpel Too Sharp.

His surgical mindset will come in handy because he will have to cut into many issues, and cut some off as well. The goals are high and timelines short, which is why the only way he can succeed is with broad support, cooperation, dedication and hard work by a large number of stakeholders.

“We advise the minister to be a surgeon at weekends, and act more like an internist of psychiatrist in his political role during the week. Every step he makes should be made bearing patients in mind, and for the good of patients, he will hopefully realise at least a small share of the goals.”