Delo: Kustec should leave, confidence vote or not

Ljubljana – Education Minister Simona Kustec is not fit for office regardless of the outcome of the vote of no confidence, Delo argues in Saturday’s commentary as it looks at the minister’s record in office.

Self-testing in schools is the most recent thing that has upset the public. The minister initially encouraged children, parents and teacher with smiles and calmness, “but if speeches are without concrete content, people sooner or later recognise them for what they are – vapidity.”

Two years into the pandemic and after countless warning by the teaching profession, the minister should have provided more than calming words, according to Delo. “She should have fought for her portfolio like a lion.”

“Instead, the pandemic wave, no matter how severe, surprised the minister yet again. Just like road workers are surprised every year by snow – only they act sooner. When the minister was needed the most last week, she was in Paris.”

“She should have left long ago, but will probably not do so herself. She appears to really believe that she is doing a good job. If she did not think that, she would have changed something after the first vote of no confidence, but she did not,” the paper says in The Minister Should Have Left Long Ago.