Delo reflects on historical remembrance in face of revisionism

Ljubljana – The newspaper Delo explains why the annual hike tracing the barbed wire that locked Ljubljana in for 1,170 days during World War II matters in Monday’s front-page commentary headlined One Thousand One Hundred Seventy Days of Wire.

“It is not just in remembrance of the occupied Ljubljana. It is also in remembrance of the 1,425-day siege of Sarajevo. It is in memory of other sieges. The memory of the period between 1941 and 1945 is intertwined with the present. It is intertwined with the horror aroused by the siege of Mariupol and other Ukrainian cities,” writes the paper.

“The horror felt in memory of the occupation and present-day sieges is intertwined with pride of the liberation struggle and resistance […].”

The paper finds this Liberation Day somewhat different, also because the humanist scholars in Italy are beginning to understand what was happening in Slovenia during the Fascist occupation eight decades ago.

“But history has its own paradoxes. Historical revisionism is appearing in Slovenia at a time when the western neighbour is adopting a critical view of its own past.”