Delo says political fragmentation means instability

Ljubljana – Commenting on the phenomenon of new faces emerging in the Slovenian political arena ahead of every election, and the latest new face, Robert Golob, former CEO of energy trader Gen-I, the newspaper Delo says on Saturday that fragmentation in politics means political instability.

After being dismissed as CEO, Golob clenched his fist and promised Slovenia will return to a normal situation in the spring. But the problem is that the Constitutional Arch Coalition (KUL) of centre-left parties also promises the end of dictatorship and recovery of democracy.

If Golob stands in the election independently, it will be KUL that will be the most affected, as the new messiah targets its election pool.

Igor Zorčič too is setting up a new centrist liberal party on the burial ground of the Modern Centra Party (SMC).

“Fragmentation, which is taking place instead of cooperation in our political arena, primarily means political instability,” Delo warns in its front-page commentary entitled Media and Ego Are to Be Blamed.