Delo says SDS and NSi will not be constructive opposition

Ljubljana – Delo says in Saturday’s front-page commentary that the Democrats (SDS) and New Slovenia (NSi) have not been sincere when they announced they would be a constructive opposition. Their temporary blockade of the coalition with the submission of legislative proposals at the maiden session of parliament could backfire.

The Slovenian parliamentary history does not remember the opposition submitted as many legislative proposals at the maiden session of the National Assembly as the SDS and NSi did in an orchestrated effort, the newspaper says.

The statements by SDS president Janez Janša and NSi president Matej Tonin that the parties would be a constructive opposition proved to be lies on the very first occasion, Delo adds under the headline New Opposition, Old Methods.

“The new government of the most likely PM-designate Robert Golob cannot dream of a grace period of one hundred days,” Delo says, noting that the government’s game with fuel prices has shown that the SDS will be throwing spanners in the works of the new government and, indirectly, citizens.

Tonin’s party is meanwhile “double insulted” because it has not been invited for coalition talks and at the same time Golob’s party does not support it regarding the purchase of Boxer APCs.

The SDS and NSi have temporarily hampered the work of the new coalition in the “temple of democracy” by filing legislative proposals, and one could say at first glance that the Freedom Movement MPs have paid for their parliamentary inexperience.

“But it is more likely that this move by the opposition will only further consolidate the ranks in the largest parliamentary group and coalition in general,” Delo says.

The aggressive SDS in the opposition, which must constantly rally its voters, and the NSi, which has not thought out its opposition role, have apparently forgotten that, unlike Janša’s, the new coalition has a comfortable majority.

“Poorly articulated pressure of the opposition can only facilitate the creation of the coalition voting machine, which is the goal of every government,” concludes the commentary.