Delo urges looking beyond Europe for fallout from Ukraine war

Ljubljana – Looking at the potential for food supply disruptions because of the war in Ukraine, a major wheat exporter, Delo warns in Monday’s commentary that poorer countries will be more affected than Europe.

Poor African countries and countries along the Mediterranean rim are completely dependent on international markets for wheat because of geography, climate change, lack of water and fertile land, and underdevelopment.

“International markets are now collapsing unpredictably, which is why the people living there are right to be concerned about going hungry and about violence spreading,” the paper says.

There has been a lot of talk recently about European sovereignty, autarky even. But in reality, the changing planet is forcing us into mutual dependencies, which is why it is necessary to advocate sovereignty with solidarity.

“The only way out of total war, not just against the Russian aggressors, is with dialogue, cooperation and mutual assistance. otherwise, it will never end,” the paper concludes in the commentary War Rages and Hunger Will Ravage.