Delo urges political measures to fight corruption

Ljubljana – Delo detects out several measures to fight corruption that it says can be gleaned from a recent Eurostat survey among European citizens. It says the findings may seem contradictory at first, but they paint a clear picture of what needs to be done.

The survey shows Slovenians are convinced the financing of political parties is not transparent enough, and they are more likely than their peers in Europe to say that anti-corruption indictments are not good enough.

“In other words, public opinion demands additional staff for the prosecution. Public opinion is very critical of the past three years, the period coinciding with the pandemic – and of the actions of the government which bid farewell a few weeks ago.”

At the same time, a relatively small share of respondents acknowledge that they had to offer money for a public service or use connections, even as they are convinced that they live in a country with above-average corruption.

“Add to this the public perception that law enforcement is not effective when it comes to high-level corruption and the equation checks out. The public perception calls for political measures,” the paper says under the headline List of Anti-Corruption Measures.