Delo welcomes border fence removal

Ljubljana – The newspaper Delo expresses support to border fence removal in Saturday’s front-page commentary, saying that a civilised and modern society must find a more humane way to protect its state border.

“Neither the razor wire nor the welded wire-mesh fence are the right way. And the razor wire also has a symbolic meaning. In times of peace, which is now despite all the domestic and global challenges, it must stay in the warehouse.”

The time has shown what Interior Minister Tatjana Bobnar pointed out yesterday – that no fence can prevent migration and the fence has cased many a tragedy along the river Kolpa.

“Someone who goes on a risky journey from thousands, hundreds of kilometres away and goes through the hell of the journey itself and the danger of inhumane human traffickers will probably not stop and change their mind because of some ‘technical obstacles’ on our border,” reads the commentary Fifty-One Kilometres of Shame.