Dnevnik looks at PM Johnson’s odds after local elections defeat

Ljubljana – It is increasingly likely that the Conservatives could soon get rid of Boris Johnson, whom practically all Conservative losers in the 5 May local elections blame him for their defeat and demand his resignation, Dnevnik says on Saturday as it comments on a major defeat for Tories as parts of the United Kingdom held the local elections.

However, Johnson is not worried yet, as only his Conservatives, boasting a very strong majority in parliament, can throw him out of the premiership throne.

While the Conservatives have lost over 300 local councillors and majority in at least ten local authorities, he did not concede the defeat, saying the result was mixed.

Dnevnik says this is “very unserious”, arguing that if the British went to a general election, the result would mean Johnson having to leave Downing Street and Labour moving in.

Ed Davey, leader of the Liberal Democrats, said that “the local elections have brought the almighty wave that will sweep away the Conservative government”.

But Dnevnik says that he is probably exaggerating a bit, because the Conservatives can easily wait until January 2025 to hold a general election.

However, it is increasingly likely the Conservatives will get rid of Johnson sooner, perhaps soon, since practically all the Conservative losers blame him personally for their defeat and are demanding his resignation.

They see their defeat not as a result of their politics, but of the prime minister’s lies, his lack of integrity, the parties he threw at Downing Street during lockdown, and the government’s lukewarm response to the general rise in prices in the country.