Dnevnik says people of Ljubljana being pushed out of centre

Ljubljana – As the Slovenian capital recently got a new five-star hotel, Dnevnik wonders where the people from Ljubljana will live as they are getting increasingly pushed out of the city centre, not only in terms of property prices, but also prices of services, which are being adjusted to higher purchasing power of tourists.

In Wednesday’s commentary headlined Luxurious Hotels and High-Standard Apartments, the newspaper says that luxurious hotels will increase the interest again in the offer of Airbnb flats, which is the offer that “directly destroys our capital”.

Dnevnik quotes the current Culture Minister Asta Vrečko in her capacity as a Ljubljana city councillor two and a half years ago as saying that “student dorms and care homes are not being built and that there is a shortage of non-profit apartments.”

The paper adds that “construction in Ljubljana is closely linked to the cruellest capitalism” and that those who have money and build for those who have money “are of course not from Ljubljana.”

As residents of Ljubljana are literally emigrating to cheaper cities or abroad, empty high-quality apartments in the centre of Ljubljana are becoming true tourist destinations and are waiting for the right moment.

“There are restaurants that mostly count on foreigners or, even better, rich foreigners. No one cares about the people of Ljubljana. If you go for a pizza in the centre, an English-speaking family will undoubtedly be served first.”

As a new five-star hotel is being opened, Dnevnik says that it may happen that its sheer size would result in a reduced offer of Airbnb rooms, but notes that this is actually unlikely.

“Does anyone in this country find it sick that we’re building giant hotels at a time when we need student dorms, care homes and non-profit housing?” Dnevnik wonders, adding that the question is where the people of Ljubljana will live.