Dnevnik says RTV Slovenija remains captive of politics

Ljubljana – Dnevnik says in Saturday’s commentary that while anti-government protests have ended, the national radio and television remains captives of politics, which tramples on the journalist and editorial autonomy.

This could be seen at Monday’s session of the programme council of RTV Slovenija, where councillors from the ranks of politics did not want to hear warnings against the planned division of the news programme into two separate units.

“It may be discerned from stories about the background of this division that two editorial desks are to be created at TV Slovenia – one leaning to the left and one leaning to the right.”

Dnevnik says that this would be completely farcical from the point of view of the reality of journalist profession in Slovenia, noting the parallel Studio City current affairs shows as a “metaphor of the planned parallel TV reality”.

One shot took place in the Youth Theatre and one on the first channel of TV Slovenija – the first as as a comedy, and the other as a tragedy.

“The announcement of the journalist strike was only a step away from this lowest point,” Dnevnik says, adding that journalists demand professional autonomy be reinstated and the leadership resign, in addition to higher wages.

The new political circumstances are no longer favourable to the trampling of journalists, as the new coalition announced a law that will take away the public media outlet from politicians and return it to the people.

The Democrats (SDS) and its satellite New Slovenia (NSi) are trying to prevent this with their of legislative procedure, but “all attempts at sabotage – in the leadership of RTV Slovenija and in parliament – are pathetic”.

“When RTV Slovenija is back in people’s hands again, there will be one radio and television daily news show and one Studio City. They will feature neither left nor right, but professional journalists,” concludes the commentary.