Dnevnik says state should be more economical in calling elections

Ljubljana – Dnevnik says in Saturday’s commentary that the parliamentary speaker could have acted economically and call the presidential and local elections for the same date, noting that Slovenia is probably also in for a series of referendums.

“Instead of politics trying to act economically, it seems that this autumn will be a true little school of democracy, i.e. voting. First we will go on 23 October to the presidential elections, where two rounds will probably be needed,” the newspaper says.

The run-off will be held in two or three weeks, which means that Slovenians will elect the new president probably on 13 November, and in a week they will head to the polls again, because law says local elections must be held on the third Sunday in November.

“If you add to this the political dimension of the referendum fever that has gripped the offended opposition party SDS, which announces a series of subsequent legislative referendums, people will have to reserve more Sundays for a few more referendums.”

Some will wonder why, if it is not possible to hold different elections on the same day, referendums should be held on the same day, as this would be even more opportune for those who count on low turnout and the failure to reach the quorum.

The approach that says that nothing must hamper democratic and free elections is correct, “but one nevertheless needs to be economical” as people being forced to the polls too frequently can lead to aversion to elections, i.e. democracy.

“Unfortunately, the parliamentary speaker could not muster the courage or arguments to be economical in organising the elections this year,” concludes the commentary headlined Reserve Autumn Sundays for Elections.