Dnevnik thinks war in Ukraine will be long

Ljubljana – A week of top-level meetings has finally affirmed the conviction that the war in Ukraine will be long, Dnevnik says on Friday as it comments on the EU, G7 and NATO summits.

“The EU, G7 and NATO having consented that the outcome of the war in Ukraine will determine the shape of the international order was expected, and at least in the given moment shows that the debate between the peace camp and the righteous as to the outcome of the war in Ukraine has shifted in favour of the latter,” the paper says.

“Transplanted into the 21st century, Kennedy’s maxim ‘Do not ask what your country can do for you, ask what you can do for your country’ has become firmly entrenched in the battle for values, democracy and territorial integrity, and against the imperial designs of a single man.”

Dnevnik says that NATO in particular has shown decisiveness, the Russian aggression having shaken off any doubts as to it being obsolete and even after the war ends it is not expected that ties between Moscow and the west will return to pre-war frameworks.

Additional deployments of US military to Europe, which had for years been told by Washington to provide for its own security, are a sign of the coming long-term antagonism between Russia and the west.

“This was a week of pragmatism and decisiveness. There will be many more before the war in Ukraine ends,” the paper concludes in the commentary Kennedy’s Maxim until the End of the War.