Documentary Film Festival to help Ukrainian film-makers document the war

Ljubljana – A day after the official closure of the Ljubljana Documentary Film Festival, a special screening of a documentary by a Ukrainian film-maker will be held at the Cankarjev Dom arts centre. The funds raised from ticket sales will be donated to Ukrainian film-makers who have remained in their homeland and are documenting the war.

Alina Gorlova’s documentary This Rain Will Never Stop follows 20-year-old Andriy Suleyman as he tries to secure a sustainable future while navigating the human toll of armed conflict.

Suleyman is a Kurd who fled a war zone and sought refuge in eastern Ukraine in his early childhood only to find himself again in the midst of a precarious political situation.

He is on a quest to reunite with his parents in Syria again. “Not just an intimate story of a displaced family, This Rain Will Never Stop is a reflection of our present reality, a world defined by military parades, refugee camps and humanitarian missions,” Cankarjev Dom says on its website.

The 2020 film, a Ukrainian-Latvian-German co-production, will be screened as part of the Documentary Film Festival in the light of the war in Ukraine. It was already screened at the Kino Otok – Isola Cinema festival.