Education Ministry plans to amend the music schools act

Ljubljana – After equality ombudsman found music schools act discriminatory, the Education Ministry announced on Tuesday changes to the legislation on music schools. An analysis on the inclusiveness of music schools will also be conducted, focusing on the inclusion of children with special needs, to serve as a basis for the changes.

The ministry said it would like to create fair and inclusive education for all.

“We are aware that equal conditions do not always mean equal opportunities. However, the current music schools act does not envisage any spacial adjustments and envisages enrolment under the same conditions for everybody,” the ministry told the STA.

In line with the 2022-2030 disability action plan, the ministry will conduct an analysis of inclusiveness of music schools this year, focusing on inclusion of children with special needs.

The analysis will include identifying the children with special needs in music schools and what adjustments they would benefit from, assessing staff qualifications, recognising good practices, case studies, presentations of systems in other countries, good solutions and suggestions for systemic changes for a better inclusion of children with special needs.

The analysis will be conducted by the Educational Research Institute as part of their regular work programme for 2022. The results will serve as a basis for measures and amendments to the music schools act.

Equality Ombudsman Miha Lobnik said last week his office had found the music schools act to be discriminatory, as it did not envisage special adjustments of entrance exams for children with special needs. The ombudsman reviewed the act at the initiative of a mother of an autistic child. He has recommended the Education Ministry to eliminate the discrimination.