Electoral Commission proposes digital electoral roll

Ljubljana – The National Electoral Commission (DVK) has proposed that the Government Office for Digital Transformation and the Interior Ministry set up of a digital electoral roll. It believes this would make the work of electoral bodies and the election more efficient.

A digital electoral roll would lower the chances of potential human errors, which would contribute to even more consistent respecting of the one man, one vote principle, the DVK said in today’s press release.

Electoral rolls are made based on the voting rights register and the electronic central population register. It would make sense to upgrade and digitalise them, so they would no longer need to be printed out and voters would no longer need to provide their signatures when casting their vote.

Any kind of voting would be automatically recorded and turnout could be published in real time and online. Automatic gathering of statistical data on the gender and age of voters could also be possible.

That way, all polls in Slovenia and abroad would be digitalised, DVK Dušan Vučko said.

The idea is yet to be thoroughly studied by relevant institutions, so the DVK proposes electronic electoral roll to be introduced in the 2026 general election.

An electronic electoral roll would also mean that voters could vote at any polling station in the country regardless of their permanent residence.

If every polling station also had a laptop, the DVK information system could be further upgraded and the result of the vote could be entered into the system already at the polling station.