Energy sector workers go on strike

With the strike planned to last until 21 Aprtil, the umbrella Trade Union of Energy Sector seeks a restructuring of the industry and the suspension of layoffs.

The trade union wants the government, at which the strike is aimed, to take a decision on restructuring and financial reorganisation of the country's energy sector. It wants all "unilateral activities related to layoffs under the pretence of alleged rationalisation and optimisation" to be halted until then.

According to the trade union, no-one is seriously dealing with the energy sector, while the state lacks a clear vision of what it should do with it. It fears that energy companies will end up in foreign hands.

The strike, which is unwarranted according to the government and employers, is planned to be stepped up if there is no appropriate response from the government.

"The strike is unnecessary. The timing is inappropriate. I wonder what the reason for the strike is," director general of the power utility group HSE Blaž Košorok has recently said. He has added that the strike demands are directed towards the government, which he believes is a wrong address.