Eurobarometer: One in three Slovenians happy with state of democracy

Ljubljana – Slovenians are quite happy with their life in general but only one out of three is happy with the way democracy works in their country, a Eurobarometer survey conducted across the EU has shown.

As many as 89% of the Slovenians included in the survey are happy with their life, which is above the EU average of 83%.

Meanwhile, only 34% Slovenians are happy with the state of democracy in Slovenia, against 65% who are dissatisfied, which compares to the EU average of 56% and 43%, respectively.

Only Greece and Croatia ranked lower than Slovenia in terms of their citizens’ satisfaction with democracy in their country.

The public opinion in Slovenia is split more evenly over the state of democracy in the EU at 51% against 47% in favour of those who are satisfied. Still, the level of satisfaction is below EU average of 55% against 40%.

More than half of Slovenians see health as the most important issue at the moment as a growing proportion is concerned about rising consumer costs, just like in the rest of the EU.

Less than a third of Slovenians are happy with the government measures to mitigate the impact of the Covid-19 pandemic and seven out of ten Slovenians do not expect the economy to recover from the pandemic before 2023.

The EU enjoys a positive reputation among Slovenians, slightly higher than EU average. Slovenians value highest the values they associate with the EU: free movement of people and the Economic and Monetary Union with the single currency.

However, Slovenians distrust all sources of information, which ranks the country low on the list of EU countries. Slovenians are also critical of national media, which they do not think provide trustworthy information.

The survey was conducted from 18 January to 14 February in 39 countries or territories, including 27 EU member states. In Slovenia 1,007 interviews were conducted via computer by Mediana, European Commission Representation in Ljubljana has said.