Eurobarometer poll shows Slovenians support EU’s response to Ukraine war

Brussels – Most Europeans, including Slovenians, support the EU’s response to Russia’s invasion of Ukraine, a survey by Eurobaromenter shows. 93% of Europeans and 95% of Slovenians agree with providing of humanitarian aid to Ukraine.

The share of EU citizens who support accepting refugees from Ukraine stands at 88% and in Slovenia the share is even higher, at 90%. About 80% of respondents in the EU agree with financial support to Ukraine, while in Slovenia the share is slightly lower, at 57%.

Two-thirds of respondents in the EU and Slovenia agree Ukraine should join the EU when ready and a similar share in both the EU and Slovenia already see Ukraine as part of the European family.

Support for economic sanctions against Russia and sanctions against Russian oligarchs is also high, reaching 80% and 79%, respectively, at the EU level, and 66% and 67% in Slovenia.

67% of European and 49% of Slovenian respondents agree the EU should finance the purchase and delivery of military equipment to Ukraine. Some 75% of EU respondents and 59% of Slovenians think the Ukraine war revealed the need for more cooperation in defence in the EU.

One in ten respondents in the EU and Slovenia agrees measures to mitigate energy price hikes should be adopted at the EU level to protect consumers and companies.

As many as 86% of Europeans and 91% of Slovenians said the rising energy prices were significantly affecting their purchasing power.