European Oscar for Granny’s Sexual Life

Animation showing breasts and genitalia in the shape of a house.
Still from Granny's Sexual Life.

Granny’s Sexual Life, an animated documentary directed by Slovenia’s Urška Djukić that explores the sex life of women in Slovenia in the first half of the 20th century, has won the European Film Academy (EFA) award for the best short film.

The 2021 film explores the intimate history of a rural grandmother to shed light on how women, coerced by strict Church doctrine and general social conventions, were perceived as objects for the satisfaction of their husbands’ sexual desires.

It draws on a widely read and critically acclaimed book by author and journalist Milena Miklavčič that brings candid accounts of older Slovenian women about their sexual experiences in their youth and the social conventions of the time.

Djukić expressed her surprise on receiving the award in Reykjavik on 10 December. In a short speech she stressed that it is the greatest gift a film can receive.

The film has received a number of awards, including the best film award at the Festival of Animation Berlin.