Evacuation of Afghan who helped Slovenia no longer possible via Kabul airport

Ljubljana/Kabul – The Defence Ministry is striving to get out of Afghanistan the remaining Afghan national of the two who had assisted the Slovenian troops and his family. After a number of attempts to get them safely to Kabul airport, this evacuation route is no longer possible in light of the escalating security situation, but other options are being considered.

The ministry said on Saturday that evacuating the Afghan and his family via Kabul airport is unfortunately no longer an option.

“Acknowledging the decision by the local colleague of the Slovenian army and his family on other options of evacuation from Afghanistan, the Defence Ministry will continue to help him in getting all of them safely out of Afghanistan and then to Slovenia, which has already sorted out their legal status to arrive and reside in our country,” a press release reads.

The ministry did not disclose any further details to ensure safety for the Afghan and his family.

At the end of last week, the other of the two Afghans who had helped the Slovenian army in Afghanistan was evacuated to Slovenia alongside his family. They arrived in Ljubljana airport on 20 August in the evening and were received by representatives of the ministry and army who had coordinated evacuation efforts.