Exhibition to showcase Metka Krašovec’s work combined with poetry

Ljubljana – An exhibition featuring drawings and paintings by acclaimed Slovenian painter Metka Krašovec in combination with the poetry of Tomaž Šalamun, interpreted by actor Radko Polič – Rac, is being launched at the National Gallery in Ljubljana on Wednesday. The exhibition will showcase the less-known parts of Krašovec’s creative work.

Metka Krašovec (1941-2018) was one of the most prominent Slovenian artists, who donated 251 works from her extensive and diverse oeuvre to the National Gallery in 2016.

National Gallery director Barbara Jaki said it was an established practice for the gallery to present art donations to the public through an exhibition and an accompanying publication.

As a major overview of the artist’s work was on show at Moderna Galerija in 2012, along with several other presentations, this time the gallery wanted to focus on the less-known part of her oeuvre, which has been exhibited the least.

These are the most intimate works, which reflect the essence of Metka Krašovec’s art: colour-reduced and almost monochromatic watercolours, pen, charcoal, pencil or felt-tip drawings, and tiny mixed-media glitter drawings.

The gallery also wanted the exhibition to shed light on Krašovec’s work in relation to poetry, which has accompanied her throughout her life, especially during the 36 years of her life together with poet Tomaž Šalamun (1941-2014).

The two artists were lifelong companions and were inspired by each other’s creative work. The exhibition, on display until 8 May, will showcase 42 drawings and one of Krašovec’s paintings, put in the context of Šalamun’s poetry.

The drawings and poems have been selected by actor Radko Polič – Rac, a connoisseur and great admirer of Slovenian poetry and Metka Krašovec’s paintings.

Rac will interpret Šalamun’s poems for a wholesome experience intertwining the work of three brilliant artists, the gallery said.