Fajon leaving European Parliament after being elected MP

Ljubljana – Social Democrats (SD) president Tanja Fajon will end her term as member of the European Parliament as she was elected an MP in the Slovenian National Assembly on Sunday. The name of the successor to her MEP seat will depend on the coalition negotiations with the election winner, the Freedom Movement.

The two posts are incompatible, which is why Fajon will relinquish her seat in the European Parliament after the SD won 6.65% of the vote yesterday to get seven MP seats, with Fajon also elected for one of them.

Her MEP term will end once the new sitting of the National Assembly holds the maiden session, at which the new MP terms will be confirmed, said Jure Tanko, an assistant in Fajon’s MEP office.

The speaker of the National Assembly will inform about this the European Parliament, which will then formally notify the National Assembly that Fajon’s seat has been vacated, and call on the National Assembly to appoint a substitute MEP.

The list of the candidates eligible for Fajon’s seat is headed by Matjaž Nemec, both in order and in preferential votes, who is followed by Dominika Švarc Pipan and Neva Grašič.

According to Tanko, it is too early to say who will succeed Fajon in the European Parliament because the SD first needs to hold coalition talks to form the 15th Slovenian government.

“I think that there is a 48-hour deadline for the candidate who is supposed to assume the term to renounce it, and then the next one on the list becomes the candidate,” he said.