Finance comments on hardships of young in epidemic

A global pandemic is just the latest thing to affect the future of today's young adults. (Photo/Shutterstock)

Ljubljana – The newspaper Finance points to the financial and social hardships of the young during the coronavirus epidemic, as many had lost their jobs, while many studying away from home were forced to move back due to lockdowns.

Under the headline Are the Young Biggest Losers of Coronavirus Epidemic?, the paper says the young were the first to lose their jobs, but also expresses hope that some day soon, employers will start seeing young employees as an investment for the future.

The epidemic restrictions have created financial wounds for the young which will take a long time to heal. Data is clear: while the virus is less dangerous to the young than the old, the epidemic has a strong social and economic effect on them.

How could the young think about creating a family while they have no income or face employment uncertainty, the paper wonders. “How does one follow their career goals if they’re barely making ends meet? How does one manage to save any money?”

The epidemic has highlighted gaps in the society and created new challenges for the young. But still, the young manage to find a new job faster than the older generations.

Moreover, during crisis one cannot only hope for state aid. “But maybe, more employers will start seeing young employees as an investment for the future.”