First case of coronavirus infection confirmed in Slovenia

The person is currently being treated at the infection ward of the UKC Ljubljana hospital, in a room which had been set up for the admittance of the first potential patients, he added.

The National Public Health Institute (NIJZ) is identifying the persons who have been in contact with the infected individual.

The infected person visited their general practitioner today, who referred the person to the infection ward due to noticeable signs of infection.

A swab was taken there and the result was positive, with the patient being immediately hospitalised in line with the protocol that was determined in advance, Šabeder told the press.

He added that the Health Ministry had been informed about the positive test, performed by the Ljubljana institute of microbiology and immunology, around 8.45pm.

Maja Sočan of the NIJZ said that the likely source of the infection was, with first information suggesting that the case had been imported, with the person getting infected in Morocco.

The relevant authorities will ask the person about their whereabouts in recent days, examine their condition and talk with persons who are the most closest to the infected, for whom the strictest measures are envisaged.

Sočan said that there were no information about these persons, adding that identifying them was a priority. "Our job is to find them and provide them with advice so that the infection does not spread," she added.

Šabeder said that the situation would also be discussed by the government on Thursday.