First Snow in Slovenian Alpine Valleys, Wind Gusts Alert Issued

Morning lows will range from 2 to 8 degrees centigrade, up to 13 on the coast. Daytime high will stand between 5 and 12 degrees, up to 16 on the coast.

Rain will spread across the entire country again tomorrow night, with the most rain falling in the south. Snow level will drop to as low as 700m above the sea. Strong northerly winds will blow inland as well as on the coast.

The Environmental Agency issued a warning, as wind gusts in the Karst and Bovec regions are expected to reach 100-130 km/h, while gusts of up to 80-100 km/h are expected along the Karavanke and Kamniško-Savinjske Alps as well as on the coast.

The rain will peter out on Monday afternoon and sun will break through the clouds in the west. Northerly to northwesterly winds will persist.

It will be mostly cloudy in on Tuesday. Some sun may protrude through the clouds on the coast where the bora will persist. Wednesday will be mostly cloudy with occasional rain.