Golob doesn’t expect change in Italian govt to affect bilateral dialogue

Ljubljana – PM Robert Golob expects dialogue between Slovenia and Italy to continue as normal even if Sunday’s Italian general elections were won by the post-fascist party Brothers of Italy. He said on Monday it is important to remember that we live in the EU, a union of equal countries in which governments change, just as they change in Slovenia.

“I’m convinced that simply changing the direction of a government within the EU can in no way be something we should be seriously concerned about, because the EU is based on the same values, that is the values of a post-war order in which there is no room for fascism.”

Golob thus does not want bother with predictions. Rather, he believes the Italian voters have “chosen the best government for themselves” and wishes them the best of luck.

Turning to the Slovenian ethnic minority, he described it as one of the election winners, as it seems that Tatjana Rojc, a senator of Slovenian descent, has been re-elected to the Senate.

“Perhaps this small victory is what can make us optimistic, including the Slovenian minority,” he said, reiterating his call for respectful dialogue, including at the inter-state level, and congratulating all election winners.