Gorenje, Krka Biggest Exporters of 2012

Krka managed to increase exports the most, by EUR 78.5m, and together with Gorenje it generated some EUR 2.1bn in sales abroad.

Gorenje, which generates 96% of revenue abroad, saw its exports decrease by 7.9% last year. But it plans to increase exports this year.

Sales on markets outside Europe were up by 5.5% last year and a further rise, from EUR 100m to EUR 150m, is planned on these markets in 2015.

Krka meanwhile plans a 6% rise in sales. The biggest Slovenian pharmaceutical company plans to allocate EUR 180m for investments, which will enable a 6% increase in workforce..

Revoz, which contributed over EUR 1.2bn to Slovenian exports in 2010, generated less than EUR 900m in sales abroad last year. In 2013, the car plants expects to see a further drop in exports of EUR 140m.

The 146 companies included in Delo's list exported a total of EUR 9.96bn worth of goods. Among the 4,000 companies polled, only companies generating more than EUR 1.3m in exports that sent data on their exports made it to the list.

According to the Statistics Office, all Slovenian companies generated EUR 20.88bn in exports last year, but unlike the Delo list this does not include the exporting of services.

The biggest drop in sales on foreign markets among companies that responded to Delo's enquiry recorded car-seat cover maker Boxmark Leather (-18%), industrial group Kovintrade (-14%), chemical processing company Cinkarna Celje (-12%) and clothes maker AHA Skupina (-12%).

Meanwhile, the biggest growth was reported by Iskra Emeco (+40%) and industrial conglomerate Litostroj Jeklo (+38%).

The companies from the list plan to generate EUR 8.98bn in exports this year, which is 9% less than in 2012.

The biggest plans has ultralight air plane maker Pipistrel, whose exports are expected to more than double this year.