Government Allows Marijuana for Medical Use

The move comes after a push for bills on marijuana legalisation was rejected mid-February.

After the use of marijuana for treating some diseases has been okayed by medical experts, the cabinet changes a relevant regulation to allow cannabinoid-based medicine in Slovenia.

Patients will now be able to get weed on prescription, so to speak, but only if they suffer from diseases where marijuana has proven to have healing properties.

Previously, the Marijuana Social Club, a pro-legalisation group, filed two bills on marijuana legalisation and self-treatment.

The bills would have legalised marijuana sale but were rejected by the parliamentary Health Committee in mid-February.

At the time the committee urged the Health Ministry to examined the option of changing legislation to allow the use of cannabis for medicinal use.

A ministry official explained at the time the ministry had already proposed a change of the drug classification, which the government did today.