Govt more than doubles funds for army’s ICT system

Ljubljana – The government on Thursday raised the funds allocated for the purchase of relocatable communication and information systems for the Slovenian Armed Forces (SAF) from EUR 12.8 million to EUR 30.4 million, VAT included.

A press release issued by the Defence Ministry after the cabinet session said the initial value of the project was based on the rough estimate of the value of the project.

“However, in the process of preparing further investment documentation and market research, it had been ascertained that the financial dynamic needed to be adjusted and the initial value of the project changed,” reads the release.

The ministry says the subject of the investment is a military tactical communication and information system that is to provide information and communication services in various security domains.

The system is to support the SAF command and control system in combat or peacetime operations, in field conditions, at home and abroad. It can also be used in degraded security conditions or in case of natural disasters as a backbone ICT support for critical infrastructure.