Grah Whatmough gets four-year term at helm of public broadcaster

Ljubljana – Andrej Grah Whatmough has received a four-year term as director general of public broadcaster RTV Slovenija after seeking a confidence vote a year after he was first named to the post.

Grah Whatmough was the only candidate to submit a complete application, according to the Programming Council, which is in charge of the appointment.

Natalija Gorščak, who was dismissed by Grah as the director of TV programmes in August, submitted an application as well but the vetting commission determined it did not arrive in time.

The initiative for the call for applications came from Grah, who said he wanted to know whether he enjoyed the trust of the recently appointed Programming Council.

The move also deflects a challenge by his predecessor, current STA director Igor Kadunc, who challenged Grah Whatmough’s appointment in court on the grounds that he did not satisfy the requirement of three years of experience managing a large organisation.

In this call for applications, this was no longer a requirement.