Green Buildings ‘Just do it’

Marko Lukić, owner and manager of LUMAR IG d.o.o.

Buildings can make an enormous contribution to climate change mitigation. They consume a lot of energy and materials, affect the environment and are expensive to maintain. In Europe, buildings consume 40% of European energy, produce 39% of CO2, use half of all mined materials and produce a third of total waste. Therefore, they are placed in the heart of European policy as a part of an ambitious EU plan – Green Deal, by means of which the EU has set a goal to become the first climate neutral continent. This is the most important challenge and opportunity for our civilisation. We frequently forget that we spend almost 90% of time in buildings, and that buildings significantly affect our health, well-being, effectiveness and safety. 84 million of Europeans live in damp and unhealthy buildings, which is reflected in numerous illnesses.