Hail storm hits Žužemberk area

Žužemberk – A strong hail storm hit the Žužemberk and Dvor area in the south-east this afternoon, causing substantial damage, especially in agriculture. The amount of hail was such that it had to be removed with a snowplough, media reported.

The storm raged at around 3pm, completely destroying this year’s crops in the area, reported web portal 24ur.com.

Firefighters were called to pump up rainwater at a business facility with a warehouse in Dvor, says the website of the Administration for Civil Protection and Disaster Relief.

In Žužemberk, a lighting stroke a tree that fell on overhead power lines and on the roof of the castle there.

Firefighters and power utility Elektro Ljubljana workers joined forces to deal with the aftermath.

Local showers and storms can still be expected around the country but the situation should calm down during the night, meteorologists say.

The weather should be stable tomorrow, while more storms are expected on Thursday.

Storms have been causing problems around the country since the end of last week, flooding basements and roads, and knocking down trees and uncovering roofs.