Heavy traffic on Slovenian roads as holidays start in near-by countries

Ljubljana – As summer holidays started in several near-by countries, heavy traffic is being reported on Slovenian roads on Saturday with long queues on the border crossings with Austria and Croatia. Drivers have to wait about two hours on most border crossings with Croatia.

There are currently eight- to nine-kilometre tailbacks at the Karavanke tunnel towards Austria in the north-west in both directions. Drivers are urged to leave the motorway at Lesce, the Kranj police said.

Several coastal roads and also jammed as the summer tourist season peaks.

Cars have to wait about two hours to enter or exit the country at the border crossings with Croatia in Gruškovje, Dragonja, Jelšane and Sečovlje. At other border crossings the waiting time is between half an hour and one hour.

Due to renovation of the northern Ljubljana ring road traffic is also obstructed there and there are some congestions, the national traffic information centre reported.