Helpline urges stepping up efforts against domestic violence

Ljubljana – In the wake of another intimate partner homicide in Slovenia, the SOS Telefon anti-domestic violence helpline and association has warned that the country has not yet done enough to prevent domestic violence or domestic homicides. They call for systemic measures and more funding.

The latest domestic homicide in Slovenia took place in the northern region of Koroška on Saturday when a 33-year-old woman was attacked by her 38-year-old partner at her home despite a restraining order issued against him, and later died at the hospital.

SOS Telefon notes in a press release that the femicide could have been prevented, adding that this is yet another case of domestic violence that ended tragically despite the intervention of institutions.

Slovenia records an average of between five and seven such murders per year, and intimate partner homicide is the most common cause of violent and premature deaths of women in the country. In a third of such cases domestic violence has already been reported or even sanctioned.

The magnitude of the problem is even greater if we add to these figures the people who are often murdered alongside women, such as their relatives, and children who are left parentless and scarred for life by such a tragedy, the association added.

SOS Telefon says that in addition to more funding for prevention efforts and systemic support from the state, legislation should also be further improved to step up surveillance of the reported perpetrator, including by the use of tracking bracelets in cases where the offender is subject to a restraining order.