Honey plant campaign kicks off in Slovenia

Ljubljana – A campaign promoting the planting of honey plants will take place across Slovenia on Saturday. The Beekeepers’ Association believes this will help ensure bees have an additional source of food in nature.

“The campaign will make an important contribution to ensuring that bees have an additional source of food in nature for their development and that they can continue to pollinate,” the association said ahead of the nationwide campaign that will be joined by Agriculture Minister Jože Podgoršek.

He will make a symbolic gesture of support by planting a honey tree at the association’s headquarters. The event will be attended by Indian Ambassador to Slovenia Namrata S. Kumar.

The association has urged municipalities, local communities, companies and others to join in and play their part in the campaign.

Travel agency Kompas has responded to the call by giving all its staff a packet of sunflower seeds. Employees have been urged to plant them in their gardens, grow them on balconies or windows or plant them anywhere in nature. Kompas also said it had partnered with the Treecelet project and had pledged to plant 5,000 honey trees this year.

The Environment Agency planted wild cherries, native honey plants, on Friday as part of the campaign. The agency supports urban beekeeping, having placed several beehives on the rooftop of its building in 2015.

The National Assembly played its part too by planting flowering perennials on the terrace of the parliament building on Wednesday.

Since the country is in the midst of a long spell of dry weather, the seedlings need to be watered, the association warned, hopeful that the campaign will become an annual affair. Until 2030, it wishes to plant 2 million honey plants.