In a first, influencer fined for child work violation

Couple posing for a selfie.
Couple posing for a selfie. Photo: Xinhua/STA

A social media influencer in Slovenia has been fined €1,500 for failing to obtain a child work permit, in what is the first such case handled so far by the Labour Inspectorate.

The case in question involves a family where parents involved their children in their efforts to promote a product on social media. The videos were posted on Instagram, N1 news portal reported.

According to unofficial information obtained by the STA, the parents are founders and owners of the child amusement centre Minicity, who often share details of their personal and family life on social media.

Children under 15 years of age are allowed to take part in film-making or other cultural, sports or advertising activities for a maximum of two hours a day and twelve hours a week.

But certain conditions must be satisfied, which includes obtaining a special work permit for children.

The Labour Inspectorate said it had “issued an infringement decision fining the individual €1,500 for failing to obtain prior authorisation from the inspectorate to work with children under the age of 15”.

The Inspectorate explained that its decision is not final yet as an appeal on a point of law had been lodged and the matter is currently in court.