Inflation Accelerates to 0.4% in April

The monthly bump is attributed to higher prices of clothing and footwear (3.4%), fruit (11.9%), and fuel (0.8%, which together contributed 0.7 percentage points to the monthly inflation.

At the annual level the most significant increases were recorded in the groups alcoholic beverages and tobacco (2.4%), hospitality services (1.4%) and transport (1.3%).

In all other groups prices rose by less than a percent and in the key group food and non-alcoholic beverages the prices remained level year-on-year.

Higher transportation prices were the biggest single driver of inflation (0.2 percentage points) at the annual level, as individual price categories in the group surged by nearly 10%.

Miscellaneous goods and services contributed another 0.2 percentage points on the back of a 4.7% rise in car insurance.

Higher prices of tobacco (3%) and alcohol (1.3%) added 0.1 percentage points and hospitality services another 0.1 point.

Inflation was held back by a 10.3% drop in vegetable prices, which reduced the annual inflation rate by 0.2 points, and cheaper electricity and phone services, which chipped off 0.1 points each.

According to the harmonised index of consumer prices, an EU gauge, the annual inflation rate accelerated to 0.5% from 0.2% in the previous month.